Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Sweets - Croquembouche

Never thought I'd attempt this, but I was thinking since profiteroles turned out good last time, no harm trying the next level up ^^

So after much researching on other blogs and videos, I decided to try a recipe from, and use my own variation to make it Christmas themed...

Last time I made profiteroles (a.k.a. choux pastry), I cheated and used ice-cream as filling. Couldn't do that for croquembouche, so I had to make a batch of creme patissiere (pastry cream) the day before. I can't really describe what it is, but it does taste different to normal store-bought custard... and it really goes well with choux pastry!

Only bad thing was the toffee didn't turn out too well... it hardened too quickly and I had to reheat it multiple times... must've been a bad idea because it turned bitter =s Not sure how this can be improved, but it'll probably be a while until I attempt another croquembouche... Maybe if I get requests!? =p

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